Alternative Funding Solution

A lot has been written recently about the subject of alternative funding but we think the CBI provided the best summary:

A key form of alternative finance for growing businesses:


    • It is possible for businesses to self-issue a retail bond which is a finance option used predominately by medium-sized businesses looking for long-term growth capital.


    • In Germany, there have been around 200 self-issued bonds, with investors usually from the companies, the customer base or people local to the business.


    • In the last year (March 2012-March 2013) the total issuance volume by German and Austrian companies was €1.9bn, with the average issue size around €35m.


    • In the UK, the market for self-issued bonds is less developed, although there have been several high profile bonds raised in recent years.


To download the CBI guide to alternative financing, click here

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